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san diego wakeboard cable parkA San Diego Wakeboard Cable Park will offer the only recreational sport of its kind in Southern California for all ages. It will be one of the leading attractions in San Diego for watersports enthusiasts of all ages. Through the use of the Cable system we can create a learning environment that will make wakeboarding easy and fun with almost zero carbon footprint.

Why a San Diego Wakeboard Cable Park?

san diego wakeboard cable parkWakeboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in its industry. This can be seen from an increase in sales of wakeboards, boats and cable park systems in the past few years. Traditionally in order to wakeboard, a boat is needed along with lots of polluting fuel. However, seen in various markets around the world, wakeboard cable parks are the driving force behind the sport. They offer an inexpensive, eco-friendly solution for anyone.

How does it work?

san diego wakeboard cable parkA wakeboard cable park typically consists of 4-6 towers that tow the rider around in a circular pattern. A usual run consists of 4 laps. If the rider falls, they simply take off their wakeboard and swim to the beach. Because of the accessible design of our location, it makes this process very easy for the rider to learn.

What will it offer?

san diego wakeboard cable parkThis proposition will create a community and increase revenue in San Diego and the surrounding communities. We plan to offer various camps for children and season passes to regular riders. A restaurant and pro shop will also be available for the riders to utilize. To encourage the entire family out to The Cable Park there will also be volleyball courts, hammocks, bocce ball, horseshoe pits and many more activities planned.

One of our main intentions is to offer various camps along the year. Because San Diego has an “endless summer” we are able to offer these camps over school holiday breaks, and college courses during the semester. People travel great distances to experience the thrill and progression this sport offers. The closest cable park to San Diego is in Sacramento – almost an eight hour drive!

How can I help?

Please join us in our quest to achieve this dream by signing the petition and sharing this with anyone and everyone interested in supporting the wakeboarding community in San Diego like WakeBoardSD.net has done since 2008!

San Diego Cable Park Petition

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398 Joaquin F. Chula Vista , Ca
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392 Kyle A. San diego, Ca
391 Kyle S. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
390 Adam R. carson, Ca
389 Douglas P. San diego, Ca
388 Rachel K.
387 Corinna L. San Diego, CA
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385 Daid W. Carlsbad, CA
384 Dakota V. FARIBAULT, MN
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380 Bashar A. Riverside, CA
379 Joshua L.
378 aaron m. yuma, AZ
377 Lauren L. Mission viejo , CA
376 Travis T. El Cajon , Ca
375 Bobbi C.
374 kristoffer g. San Diego, ca
373 Allan H.
372 Shannon C. Encinitas, Ca
371 Bill S.
370 Breanna K. Valley center, Ca
369 Gabriela L. Makawao, Hawaii
368 RON R. LAKE FOREST, California
367 Shelly H.
366 Daniel S. San Diego , CA
365 Andrew S. San Diego, Ca
364 Jared B. Chula Vista, California
363 Nicholas L. Ocean beach , Ca
362 Nicholas C.
361 Brianna L. Canoga Park, California
360 Charles A. St-hubert, Quebec
359 Egor M.
358 Ryan M. San Clemente, Ca
357 Douglas P. San Diego , California
356 Austin N. Lakeside, California
355 John B. englewood, CO
354 Ricardo G. San diego, Ca
353 Trent C. San Diego , CA
352 Jared G.
351 Victor V. San diego, Ca
350 Amanda F. San Diego , Ca
349 Zachary C. Ramona, California


Note: Your personal information will NEVER be shared with anyone, and we will only contact you with updates on progress if you would like to provide your information and opt in.

The Park is also being discussed on WakeWorld here: http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1947719

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